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Can I update information after I submit the EVUS form?

Once an EVUS enrollment has been completed approved, applicants can update most of the information. Applicants can change their address, email address, telephone number, contact in the United States, transit information, emergency contacts, and other information.

However, applicants cannot update their passport or U.S. visa information (including name, sex, and nationality) after they have completed the EVUS enrollment. If your passport or U.S. visa expires it it necessary to re-enroll with EVUS by completing the EVUS form again.

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How long is my EVUS enrollment valid for?

An EVUS enrollment is normally valid for two years from the date registration. However, if someone’s U.S. visa expires, or the remaining time on their passport is less than six months, the EVUS enrollment will no longer be valid.

On rare occasions, the status of someone’s EVUS can be changed to ‘unsuccessful’ after the application has been successfully completed. In these cases, travelers will no longer be able to use their EVUS to enter the U.S. You can check the status and expiration date of your EVUS by logging in to your account.

EVUS allows travelers to stay in the U.S. for a total period of up to six months within the two-year validity period. It does not entitle travelers to stay in the US for two years. Your EVUS enrollment needs to be valid on the day you enter the U.S. but not during your stay or on the day you leave.

If any of your passport details change, or if you change your name, sex or nationality, your EVUS will no longer be valid and it will be necessary to re-enroll by completing the EVUS form.

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