Visa for US from China

Visa for US from China

The United States and China established a reciprocal 10-year visa policy for tourists and business people back in 2014. The creation of this mutual visa allows citizens of each country to travel between the two nations for an extended period of time and on multiple trips. Currently, Chinese citizens who wish to travel to the US should hold a B1 or B2 visa or a combination of both.

The tourist and business visa to the US is a mandatory requirement for all chinese travelers. In addition to the 10-year US visa, Chinese nationals are now obliged to enroll with the EVUS, the Electronic Visa Update System. This system was launched on November 29th, 2016, and it is mandatory for people who hold a People’s Republic of China passport and have a B1 or B2 10-year visa to the US.

The system allows chinese travelers to update their basic biographic details, including the details of their current visa. The American Customs and Border Control Protection came up with this program to screen travelers coming to the US and improve security.

EVUS was designed to streamline the travel experience for those coming to the United States for pleasure or business. The online application is fairly simple and will not take away too much time from the applicant. Ideally, Chinese travelers coming to the United States should register at least 72 hours before departure. The majority of applications are processed quickly, but it is still strongly advised to apply 3 days in advance.

EVUS is needed to travel to the US from China

A chinese citizen traveling to the US will need the EVUS to enter the country. In the application process, the traveler will have to provide his or her full name, birthday, emergency contact, passport details, and travel and employment information. All information given during the EVUS will remain private. The web uses an encryption system to prevent unauthorized access to the information provided. There’s a questionnaire with security questions at the end which should be answered sincerely. All the information given during the EVUS application is screened and compared to databases.

Additional requirements include a current email address and a valid debit or credit card. The EVUS does require applicants to pay a fee. The payment will be needed at the very end of the process. An enrollment number is given to each applicant. This is important because the number allows the traveler to check the status of their application. Once approved, the EVUS will be sent to the person’s email.

The EVUS registration is a separate process from the DS-160 application. Chinese citizens traveling to the US should have a valid visa during the application. In the case of an expired visa, the traveler must apply for the respective visa before registering for the EVUS.

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