Registering with EVUS is designed to be straightforward. The process can be completed online at any time though applicants should register at least 72 hours before traveling to the US to allow for delays.

The US is a fantastic country to visit and it is natural that individual travelers and ...

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The Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) is a form of travel authorization which the US authorities introduced in November 2016. At the moment, only citizens with passports from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are required to obtain an EVUS registration before traveling to the US.


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Some travelers would like to expedite their enrollment with the EVUS system in order to travel to the United States. However, the Electronic Visa Update System is an automated program and its process cannot be speeded up.

Enrolling with the EVUS system is a simple process that should take the...

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When you enroll with EVUS (Electronic Visa Update System) you need to enter a range of information including details from your B1/B2 visa and your passport. This includes the foil number from your B1/B2 visa.

EVUS is a new online visa system which citizens of the People’s Republic of Chi...

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What is EVUS? Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) is a new electronic online visa system. It was designed to increase security and to determine who is eligible to travel to the United States.

An EVUS American visa is different from a B1, B2, or a combined B1/B2 US visa. The EVUS applicati...

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